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Your Disaster Recovery Procedures for Dynamics GP

Your Disaster Recovery Procedures for Dynamics GP

A Virginia client of mine recently called; their organization had been down all week due to a server crash. The IT department took an entire week to get the server back up and running and now it was my turn to get Dynamics GP back up and running.

Fortunately, they made backups of their databases and server files every night. With these successful backups I was able to get them up and running in a few hours. This brings me to the moral of the story…Please, please verify with your IT department that daily, or at least weekly, backups are being made.

Once you have verified that the backups are being made, test them to be sure you can successfully restore the backups. The one thing worse than not having a backup, is having a backup that does not work.

Below are some tips and procedures that you should keep in mind when discussing your disaster recovery plan with your IT support team.

  1. Your SQL maintenance plan should run prior to the server backup
  2. Store at least 5 days of backups at a location other than where the actual data is stored
  3. Backup the DYNAMICS and ALL company databases within SQL
  4. Make sure that the server backup includes the following files (this would also be a great time to make sure that all Dynamics GP users are pointing to the server for these items)
    • SysData – contains all of your FRx reports
    • IM.mdb/IM.imd file – Stores the integrations used in Integration Manager
    • Reports.dic – Stores your modified reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP (i.e. your AP check format)
    • Forms.dic – Stores any modified forms for Microsoft Dynamics GP
  5. Restore a backup file to a test company at least once a quarter

Take these next few months to get your disaster recovery plan in order and test all backups that have been taken. The time you take now will reduce the time that it may take in the future if something happens to your server. We all know how technology works!


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