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Referring SAP Concur to Real Estate Clients

The real estate industry operates at a breakneck pace, and this pace is only expected to get faster with advancements in technology, changes in market conditions, and regulatory updates impacting everyone from local developers to global commercial holdings.

You know this, and your clients know this, and these clients rely on your insight and expertise on how they can operate more efficiently, effectively, and with as few blind spots as possible. Too often, however, outdated technology and manual processes stand between them and the speed, accuracy, and visibility they need.

Why Real Estate Clients Need Advanced Travel, Expense and Invoice Solutions

As your clients grow, they see an increasing number of transactions, meet with an increasing number of potential customers, and need to tackle increasing organizational and technological complexity. These pose a wealth of challenges, including:

The Need for Speed

Fraud Prevention

Visibility and Control

Build on the Benefits: Integration with Leading ERP Solutions

Take the time savings even further by recommending advanced integration capabilities designed by Wipfli/Brittenford including InvoiceConnect and ExpenseConnect for Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP/SL/AX, and NetSuite.

SAP Concur: Travel, Expense, and Invoice for the Real Estate Industry

With so many challenges facing the real estate industry, it pays to work with a proven leader. SAP Concur is flexible, automated, and ready to handle the needs of your real estate clients. Customizable and secure, SAP Concur travel, expense, and invoice solutions answer the aforementioned needs and more, offering the following benefits:

  • Fast and Easy Expense Reporting: SAP Concur Travel and Expense is designed so your organization can easily enforce spending policies, capture receipts, process expense reports and make better business decisions based on timely, accurate data. Manage expenses, streamline the approval process, and make sure every dollar is accounted for.
  • Take Control of the Invoice Process: With SAP Concur Invoice, you gain speed, efficiency, and more. SAP Concur Invoice can be customized for your workflow. Simplify and speed up capture and payment while providing more visibility into every step of the process with accounts payable software.
  • Bring it All Together with Integration: The benefits don’t stop with SAP Concur. Through Wipfli/Brittenford ExpenseConnect and InvoiceConnect, automatically flow data between SAP Concur and your clients’ ERP software—Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP/SL/AX, and NetSuite.

InvoiceConnect  ExpenseConnect

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Be the Hero for  Your Real Estate Clients

Your real estate clients already rely on you to be the best source of advice for everything ranging from tax, audit, and accounting services to customer relationship management to compliance, internal controls and more. Recommend SAP Concur to clients and help them take control of travel, expense, and invoice.

Questions to Ask

  • How do you currently manage your employee spending?
  • Do you have an expense policy in place to minimize fraud?
  • How long does it take to process and pay invoices?
  • Are there discount opportunities you are missing from late or delayed payments?
  • May I suggest a software that will increase productivity and supply better results?