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Project-Based Organizations

Project-Based Organizations

Wipfli LLP/Brittenford Project-Based Organizations

Does your organization need to manage people, projects, and project profitability? Wipfli LLP/Brittenford can help you automate and streamline projects across your organization.

With either the on-premise Microsoft Dynamics SL or the cloud-based Intacct accounting system, organizations can improve their financial management, collaboration, reporting, and analysis. We can help you integrate applications, consolidate data across applications and platforms, and extend reporting and analysis across your enterprise.

Help people be more productive across your organization

Our solutions can help your people work more productively, regardless of their role. They can enter and approve requests from any location; view and edit project information, and provide project managers with the information they need including project profitability and outstanding customer invoices – all from a web browser.

Automate and streamline operations by connecting project management and accounting

Our clients benefit from our solutions because their employees can manage complex project accounting needs from a single interface. We have the experience automate time and material billing processes and create invoices automatically using predetermined business rules to calculate costs. Project managers are empowered to more easily manage status, resources, revenues and expenses for all types of projects.