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Professional Services Company Streamlines Accounting Systems and Increases Customer Loyalty

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Professional Services Company Streamlines Accounting Systems and Increases Customer Loyalty

Customer: Carney
Website: www.teamcarney.com
Location: Alexandria, VA


Customer Profile:

Carney is a professional services company that creates knowledge and education solutions primarily for government agencies. The company develops Web-based custom training and learning programs. It has 45 employees and is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia.

Project Description:

With three separate systems for project management, cost accounting, and timesheet reporting, Carney could not easily share data across the systems, which limited the company’s ability to expand and hindered data storage and productivity. Carney realized that it had outgrown its systems and needed to upgrade its business systems into one powerful system.

Another limitation to the growth of the business was Carney’s actual project management program. Because of the three separate systems, individuals involved in a project could not easily access data to update project timelines, notes, or information; resulting in problems with tracking and monitoring specific projects. Often, information and efforts had to be duplicated, increasing the time that employees spent on administrative tasks.

Finally, Carney realized that improving its business systems would promote customer loyalty, which in turn would result in stronger relationships and additional business. When the economy took a downturn three years ago, Carney realized that it needed a way to capitalize on existing business relations to make up for lost accounts. The company looked to continue developing relationships while providing superior customer service and developing excellent products. Working with Brittenford Systems, Carney decided on solutions from Microsoft to minimize redundancies, increase communication across the organization, and help the company increase customer loyalty while continuing to set aggressive business goals.

Technology Solutions:

Carney worked with Brittenford Systems to implement Microsoft® Business Solutions–Solomon for accounting functions and Microsoft Project Server 2002 for project management capabilities. Carney also uses Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 for many internal business practices.

All information is stored on SQL Server, where the data can be accessed by both the Microsoft Solomon and Project programs. In addition, those programs meant Carney could take advantage of other Microsoft technologies it already had in place, such as Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership and providing in-house customization potential.

Carney has benefited greatly from its solution thus far. The company has seen increased customer loyalty as well as significantly reduced internal operating costs. Today, Carney continues to find new ways in which technology can improve its business



Business Impact:

  • Improves data sharing and analysis ƒ
  • Increases internal communications and efficiency ƒ
  • Provides superior customer service and products priced consistently, resulting in greater customer loyalty

After having the system live for just three weeks, we have already seen labor savings in the range of $400 to $700 per week.” Brian Haenni, Vice President of Operations, Carney

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