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A Guide to CIO Advisory Services

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A Guide to CIO Advisory Services

CIO Advisory GuideFor years, increasing competition for financial resources has forced virtually every small and mid-size IT organization to do more with less, use existing IT assets and keep systems online. At the same time, disruptive technology offers potentially more compelling value propositions or competitive advantages than the traditional data center infrastructure. The push and pull of these competing forces can simply overwhelm the ability of the IT director—or controller, CIO, CFO, President or CEO, whoever does the job—to evaluate alternatives, adapt to changing business needs, or simply keep up with existing projects.

In both small and mid-size businesses, CIO Advisory Services can enhance the owner’s or CIO’s personal effectiveness in a number of ways. This white paper addresses the growing trend of outsourcing all or portions of the Chief Information Officer function in small to midsize businesses (SMBs), as the complexity of information technology (IT) grows.


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