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ExpenseConnect for Microsoft Dynamics SL

ExpenseConnect For Microsoft Dynamics GP

Integration between Concur and Microsoft Dynamics SL

ExpenseConnect for Dynamics SL leverages the SL web services to create a secure, automated integration between Concur and Dynamics SL. This solution installs directly into your Dynamics SL software and eliminates the need for your organization to manually download and manipulate the SAE (Standard Accounting Extract) file from Concur. Built on a flexible data mapping backbone, ExpenseConnect securely allows you to define the data mapping from Concur to Dynamics SL. The easy-to-use and flexible mapping functionality ensures that you can configure data elements from Concur to Dynamics SL in a way that fits your specific business requirements without costly custom development efforts. You may configure the product to integrate expense reports from Concur into any of the following modules within Dynamics SL:

  • General Ledger (Journal Entry)
  • Accounts Payable (Payables Transaction)
  • Project Accounting (Employee Expense Entry)

ExpenseConnect can easily accommodate multi-currency transactions and intelligently integrates expense reports across multi-company deployments of Dynamics SL. It can also integrate VAT tax and handle Analytical Accounting and Inter-Company transactions. Corporate card payments that are made through Concur Expense Pay flow through the integration process and non-reimbursable expenses are handled with ease. Inquire about ExpenseConnect today and learn how this product can provide your organization with a clean integration solution between Concur and Dynamics SL that ultimately reduces manual labor and cost while increasing the integrity of data integration between the systems. To request more information, please use the form to the right.

Who Needs ExpenseConnect?

Organizations that are utilizing Concur for travel and expense management, and need an automated solution for bringing this data seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless cloud-based integration
  • Flexible data mapping capabilities
  • Multi-currency and multi-entity
  • Intercompany & Analytical Accounting
  • Synchronize SL data back to Concur such as expense types, projects, departments, employees, etc. using our optional bi-directional sync module.