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Qlik is a versatile data analytics platform offering powerful self-service visualization, guided and embedded analytics and reporting capabilities. Personalized reports and dynamic dashboards are easy to create—and the experience provides answers as fast as users can think up questions, all while assuring strict data security, quality, and governance.

Why Qlik?

Qlik’s Associative engine combines any number of data sources—no matter how large or perfect. And because it’s not query-based, users are not limited to a predefined, linear exploration of their data. They can easily and imaginatively analyze data and experience “a-ha” moments of discovery.

Qlik is an excellent solution for:

  • Small and mid-market companies
  • Larger organizations seeking more flexibility and agility
  • Non-profits
  • Global companies
  • Companies with multiple locations and entities
  • Companies looking for an easy-to-use tool that enables users to find meaningful insights from vast amounts of data.